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Want to make Videos for a Living?

“I will teach you everything I did to build a 6 Figure Video Business” 

Doug Dibert Jr.

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To the #1 CONCEPT that helped me build a 6 Figure Video Creation Business!

Want to make Videos for a Living?

“I will teach you everything I did to build a 6 Figure Video Business.”

Doug Dibert Jr.

Get FREE Instant Access

To the #1 CONCEPT that helped be build a 6 Figure Video Creation Business!

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Are you in a Video Program or Film School? Are you at a job not using your degree or skills?
Do you want to start a Video Creation Business? You’re in the right place!

Doug grew his video creation business from just $100 to over 6 figures creating Video Content for Business & NonProfits all over the world. Now he is sharing the tools, the business tactics and the lessons he’s learned directly with you!

Aren’t you tired of not using your natural talent and ability in video creation? If you are, then this website is for you.

“If you’re not earning money with your video passion that means you’re not serving someone. Money is an item used in exchange for serving someone with your knowledge. This Website and Education is dedicated to helping you learn how to do that.”

– Doug Dibert Jr.

This is My Mission –

“To empower other video creative professionals who desire to use their skills and passion to reach their creative goals with the business skills and knowledge they need to reach their potential.”

Recent Tips

How to Pre Qualify a Creative Meeting

HOW TO PRE-QUALIFY A CREATIVE MEETING   This is extremely important when you're getting out and about scheduling appointments to meet with potential clients. You really want to guard your most valuable asset and that is your time. MONEY IS NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT...

How I got my 1st client over $1,000

How I got my 1st client over $1,000   Now this tip ultimately isn't about just making over a $1,000. It's about showing and adding value when you are meeting with a potential client. It literally is the little things that all add up to the massive value. You'll...

The Extra Scoop Method

The Extra Scoop Method   This is a really unique concept that I do for my business. I got the idea from an article I read about an ice cream shop that gives its customers an extra small scoop of ice cream with their regular scoop. It made their customers feel...

3 Secrets to Finding the equipment you want on the Cheap

3 Secrets to Finding the equipment you want on the Cheap   These secrets are so awesome! I stumbled upon this concept when I was trying to get a camera I really wanted, but was WAY out of my current price range I wanted to spend.  Another little secret, when the...

Should I do Wedding Videos just starting out?

Should I do Wedding Videos just starting out?     When you are just starting out, it is very important to get your hands on as much experience as possible. When I was speaking to a film class and talking to them about the idea of doing wedding videos, they...

1st time I was Stiffed!…OUCH!

1st time I was Stiffed!...OUCH!   This was a lesson I will never forget. It was painful because I was just really starting out and getting going and I need cash for my growing family. I can still remember this guy. Not a nice individual. He was a wolf in sheep...


The Essentials

Tired of not using your Education and Training in Video to make a living? Learn everything that I did to get to where I’m at today in my Video Creation, Video Production career and business. Jump years ahead of the learning curve! From finding your exact niche, to building your network, to Sales 101 and much more. Why stumble through your video career? That’s what I did! I didn’t have access to this Essential training to jump start me and take YEARS off my learning curve. The training is yours for the taking!

In this course, you’ll learn things like:

  • Discovering your niche’
  • Build your network
  • Building mental maps toward short-term and long term goals
  • What do you want to do?
  • Setting up your business
  • Barter Agreements
  • Discover your network
  • Building Business Relationships
  • Contract Agreements

Essentials In Depth Video Sales

Pre Sale Coming Soon!

So you get to the meeting, you tell them what you can do, then, they say, “We’ll call you and let you know.” Then you never hear back. Frustrating! I know, I was there too. In this follow up to The Essentials course, this course dives WAY DEEP into the process, nuances, objections, and the artistry of selling your Video Creation services. Do you want to increase your conversion rates, close more deals and are hungry to learn? Then this is the training that will satisfy you!

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Starting & Growing a Wedding Videography Business

Pre Sale Coming Soon!

I started out in Wedding Videography. It was my core business for years! In this training course I will teach you everything from: getting the right gear, what style to film, Wedding Videography Marketing, Selling a Bride, to editing a wedding film! No stone will be unturned in this incredibly in depth training. No training course will go deeper into what it takes to have a successful wedding videography business.

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