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Meet Doug Dibert, Jr

Creator of Success After Film School

Who is Doug Dibert, Jr.?

View More: graduated with a bachelor degree in Film in 2004 from the University of Toledo Film/Video program,(Go Rockets!) got married to my beautiful and intelligent wife (who I also meet at the Film/Video Program) then went in business January 5, 2005 creating videos! Wedding/Event Videos to Business videos. Many of the people I graduated with were not using their film degree or working in their chosen field and that disappointed me. I began to think about how can I help not only my fellow film school colleagues, but future people going to one of the many video production trade schools popping up or film academies learn how to make money in their career.

It all came to a head when my alma mater asked me to judge the Senior Film Showcase. I offered to not only judge it, but also offered to speak to the students about life and business after school. They excitedly agreed to have me talk. I gave my talk and after the talk the students were extremely grateful for even the basic knowledge I gave them.

It was then I decided to start this website Success After Film School. This website will have post on tips to find your niche, and start your own independent business to help you make money. I will share details on how I went from make around $100 to over 6 digit figures and how you can do it to. Which has allowed me to make my own movies and documentaries.

I hope you find this website extremely helpful. Please like the Success After Film School Facebook page and post questions about what you want to know and learn more about. Share it with your colleagues and friends in school as well. I want you all to have the tools you need for success. Video is become a pillar for business and non profit marketing plans and they need people to create that video content. That’s where you come in.

You have something of value to offer. A unique talent and skill in video that will help that organization grow. This website is dedicated to helping you get the information you need to have success. Success that only you can learn to help you earn. Yeah, that sounded cheezy, but it’s true.