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How I got my 1st client over $1,000


Now this tip ultimately isn’t about just making over a $1,000. It’s about showing and adding value when you are meeting with a potential client. It literally is the little things that all add up to the massive value. You’ll find when you go through The Essentials course, that I really focus on teaching you how to add value to your video creation service. When you meeting with a client and you’re doing work for them, after you’re all finished. Ask them what they think of the value of what you delivered to them verses the cost. Now, this may seem direct and well…it is. That being said though, people will actually tell you if they feel like the price was fair. If they are exuberant about the cost, like they say, “Wow, yeah, it’s really good!” then you know you could probably raise your prices a bit. You’ve earned that value.

Looking are your process now in what you are creating for your clients. What little thing can you add or tell them that you do that will show added value, like I did with the DVD chapters. You never know that what you think is low value, they might be Wow-ed by!


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