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Do your students appreciate your program?

When I was in film school the biggest complaint I heard from my professors was, the students weren’t maximizing what they had available to them. It frustrated them to see all that talent in their classroom and seeing the students not fully utilized what they were being taught in the short time they were there learning. Or maybe your students are (which is AWESOME!) and you just want them to have additional real-world knowledge of what life is going to be like after they graduate and you want them to get a jump-start on their career thought process.

My goal when I speak is to ignite your students into thinking ahead about their careers and where they want to go with what you’re teaching them. Successful Alumni make for growing programs! Don’t you want to see your students Energized, Focused, Engaged, and taking Creative Chances with their classes and outside class assignments? I bet you do!

After I speak, I love to hang out for as long as my schedule permits and ask questions with the students in an informal way.

I want to make your life easy.

Here is what to expect when hiring me to speak:

We will have an initial phone call so that I can understand to the fullest why you want me to speak to your students.
I will announce my talk on my website.
We will discuss ideas about the talk… and make sure your students are getting the most out of my time and expertise.
I will deliver a professionally prepared presentation, giving your students an overview of how they can begin to get started in their career after school and how to fully take advantage of their time in school.
After the talk and when the students leave we will have a quick meeting to talk about the presentation and make sure that I met your expectations and get feedback from you. I’m always looking to make my talk better.

Alright, let’s make it happen!