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Should I do Wedding Videos just starting out?



When you are just starting out, it is very important to get your hands on as much experience as possible. When I was speaking to a film class and talking to them about the idea of doing wedding videos, they snickered at me. It was the same reaction I got when I was younger and in film school making wedding videos. I got told that it wasn’t “True Art”. Well they were totally wrong, because it was. Not to mention, I was making more money in a single weekend than they made in an entire month of working a a video rental store, recommending movies.

I also learn a TON of valuable business experience. I learned how to talk with potential clients, I learned how to sell myself and my video services much better. I learned how to listen to what the market was asking for in video. Bottomline, I learn how to get clients. I would not have grown in the business end of my Video art if I just blew off the opportunity to make wedding videos.

Now, when you get further in your career and you really begin to build experience, you can begin to turn down the smaller opportunities. The main point is: do whatever you can to build experience in the beginning part of your career. You will unlock hidden potential you didn’t know you had and you’ll learn things through real-world experience.

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